turtle-creek-fountain Considered “the most notable waterway in Dallas,” Turtle Creek has witnessed the city’s history from its farming and ranching roots to its current status as the city with the largest number of corporate headquarters in the country.

Fed by numerous fresh springs, Turtle Creek has never run dry. It is a quiet, consistent strength that has fed the core of what Dallas is, and all it will be. This is where optimism meets opportunity.

TEDxTurtleCreekWomen reflects this same strength with fresh ideas that never run dry. We look to draw our speakers, attendees, and staff from all of the diverse communities that make up the areas of Dallas touched by Turtle Creek. We will celebrate fascinating innovators in technology, economics, art, and everything in between. Attendees will be treated to a highly interactive event addressing our national TEDWomen theme: “Momentum.” The event is scheduled Friday, May 29th, 2015.

“My vision is to show the world what an amazing and diverse group of trailblazers we have right here in Dallas,” said Tilde Guajardo, Lead Organizer of TEDxTurtleCreekWomen. “We are challenging our speakers to break new ground in their respective areas of expertise, and to share ideas that will make a real difference to the women and girls of Texas and around the globe. We will also challenge our audience to create their own change long after the our event is over.” We invite you to be a part of our community today by connecting with us on Twitter and Facebook, where you’ll find an active and engaged community that truly values “Ideas Worth Spreading.”

If you would like to help us make this a wonderful event by volunteering or attending, please register to receive updates on venue selection, speaker selections, and tickets sales. If you’d like to apply to speak at our event please fill in the Online Application before March 1, 2015, the deadline. If you’d like to be a Sponsor for our event email Lumbie Mlambo and let her know how you’d like to get involved!