Therapy dogs can help reduce student stress

How can therapy dogs help students feel better?
Even though there is a stereotype that life in college is bright and carefree, all students know how hard it can be. Almost all young people experience stress that can become a barrier to their academic success. It is connected with a high workload, attending different lectures, homework, writing papers, extra-curricular activities, and regular training. In many cases, students can rely on college homework help online, but it`s only temporary relief.
Constant stress can lead to developing problems with mental health and end up with depression or anxiety disorders. Once the studies have shown that therapy dogs can comfort and cheer students up helping them reduce their stress, a number of universities have started investing in these programs.

The value of therapy dogs for stress reduction

If you decide to pay someone to write an essay, you can count on affordable prices and discounts (like speedypaper discount). For this reason, these services are so demanded. Programs based on dog support are also inexpensive and due to this, universities are successfully integrating them to provide students with emotional support. Most of these programs are based on bringing dogs on campuses as spending time with such a companion can lower the level of stress and help students stop feeling lonely and depressed (as several studies show). Dogs also successfully encourage social contact between students.
Such therapy brings the following benefits:
- Home-sick students who have no option to bring a dog in the dorm, start feeling better and no longer lonely. In fact, who can feel bad playing with a happy dog?
- Dogs and their cheerfulness make nervous system calm down, and the level of stress hormones reduces as petting a dog brings only positive emotions;
- Animal doctors can help you normalize the blood pressure (if you have problems with it) and heart rate which leads to a better focus and productivity;
- Dogs help students improve their social skills (especially valuable for introverts), so it becomes much easier to get acquainted, make new friends, and share common interests, which usually unites people.
You should understand that therapy and service dogs should not be confused. A service dog assists the only person (its owner), providing support for people with disabilities and those who have mobility challenges. Therapy dogs react and play with other people guided by their owners. They take part in animal therapy, helping people to improve their social connections, get out of depression, or get rid of panic attacks. Dogs may help people recover from traumatic events, reduce the symptoms of the disease, and facilitate their emotional state just being nearby.

How animal doctors can help in college

Recent research in this field showed that students communicating with dogs had a higher level of motivation for studies that resulted in a higher level of academic performance. It included the growing numbers in school attendance, enhanced self-esteem, higher interest for reading and essay writing, and better connections with teachers and group mates. After a session with the dog, university students felt happier and less stressed compared to their previous emotional state.
In general, dog programs are offered by volunteers, and they require help and support to keep assisting students with emotional and academic problems. Lack of funding in this field also sets the researchers back so they cannot provide more evidence on how this therapy impacts school seniors and students that suffer from stress and anxiety.

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